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Use Multiple Sources to Add Depth to Your Research - Tips

Are you stuck with using sources in your essays? Yeah, well. You won’t be the first one. Or the last. It's hardly an easy task and takes some time to get used to it.

Ok, so maybe more than just some time but you get my point.
But if you need a little bit of help in writing your essays, specifically using those pesky sources, then I can help you with that.
I am here with a few tips that will help add depth to your essays and papers. How so? By using sources, of course.
So, fasten your seatbelt because we are gonna go on a ride.

Tip #1: Understand Citing
Citations are one of the most important things used when an essay writer are using sources. In most cases, citations include the name of the author and the year of the publication.
This information is written in a bracket after the completion of a sentence. Now, this sentence must be from the source. It would either be a direct quotation or a paraphrased one.
But it must come from the source.

Tip #2: Check the Format
Before you begin any paper, make sure that you know which format it should be written in. There are many formats and the most popular ones are MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.
Now, citations and references are written differently for each source.
So, that is why you must know which format you are using so that you can give the references and citations in that format only.

Tip #3: Don’t Use Too Many Sources
Look, using external sources is great. But try not to overdo it. Your paper should have your own thoughts too. Not just those of others.
Mostly, your professors will tell you how many sources you should use. If they don’t then make a rough estimate.
Use one source for every point that you argue. So, that makes one source for each body paragraph.

Tip #4: Look for Examples
Looking at examples can be the best way to learn how to use multiple sources in a paper.
Get yourself a book of the format that you are using. Or you can get in touch with online writing companies who help students with references.
You can ask for a reference page on any topic that you wish and you will get one. Now, you will have to integrate those references with your essay.

Tip #5: Study Reference Lists
But if you want to do things on your own, then you will have to get your hands on a reference list. This can also be called a “Works Cited” page, depending on the format.
Once you have one, study it and make sure to follow it to a T. Only then can you make a correct reference list of your own.

Tip #6: Do Your Work Side by Side
Many students lookup for references first, write my essay second, and then try to integrate those sources in the already written paper.
Don’t do that. It makes things so much more complicated for you.

You will have to do a lot of editing and changing and you will mic up all your sources.
So, when you mention a piece of information from a source, cite it immediately.
Also, if you need professional help then go get some.

All this stuff does not come easily. Especially to students who have not done this before. So, you should contact one of those websites that write papers for you free online. In this way, you will be able to get professional help with your papers.
Really, the people behind these websites are professional essay writing service so they will know how to help.
All you have to do is get in touch with them.